The connection between a man and his horses

Bartolo Messina never ceases to amaze people with his heart felt liberty dressage and the invisible bond between him and his horses.

‘’I couldn’t imagine life without horses, so I made horses my life, my friends, my family. I work, live, and breathe with and for them’’

My workmates

When I work with my horses, we are all free. We get together and show the world that there is a real connection between me and my horses.

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Every day I learn from my horses, they teach me so I can be better. I love to share that knowledge with others. When I’m not touring, I give clinics and seminars of ethology and liberty courses. Would you like to learn?

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My horses trust me, and I trust my horses
Otherwise it would be impossible for us to do the show the way we do, in complete liberty.

There’s so much beauty in trust.

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