Cavalluna trailer Celebration show

Celebration! is the name of the new Cavalluna show in 2021.

Celebration! is touring through Europe and has all the elements of a great horse show, as well as many of the popular Cavalluna artists like; Bartolo Messina. With his group of mini-Shetland ponies, his ever-faithful Gorgorito and great show horse Keino, he is performing a show of a lifetime!

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show bartolo cavalluna

Started with the show of 2021

Cavalluna is back on tour! After a long wait, we are finally on the road again.

The success of the first shows

The first shows in Riesa and Neubrandenburg were a great success. Although with limited visitors due to Corona-restrictions, our whole team is happy to be back and to finally show our wonderful horses to the public again.

The horses we have with us

We are on tour with our two big stars Gorgorito & Keino, accompanied by our small minishetty-heroes Tigro, Arno, Babalu, Armani and Gorgonzola. We look forward to see you at the upcoming shows – next stop will be Schwerin!

Come and celebrate with us!